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Oriental Dance Bazar
-Belly Dance & Dance Supplies-



Oriental Dance Bazar Tmi Jaana Havia is a small enterprise specialized for
Oriental Belly Dance. This enterprise was created by Jannah Hakola, who has
study Oriental Belly Dance since year 1991.  

You may order tailor made Belly Dance lessons and work shops as well as extraordinary shows and supplies too. Just contact to 

Oriental Dance Bazar imports dance supplies for Belly Dance mostly from Cairo- Egypt. You will find a good selection different kind of dance supplies under the headline “Pictures”. (Scarves, Canes, Cymbals, Veils, Melayas, Shoes and Swords). All products are well made by hands.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact to 


Oriental Dance Bazar 
Tmi Jaana Havia

Tel. +358 45 1121 347



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